Our Story

I love seeing people enjoy good food, and thrive on the ease of making that happen. Growing up I was the envy of the kids at school because I always had fresh home baking as part of my lunch. And I learned at an early age how to make muffins and cakes and cookies so I could whip something up if my mom didn't have time. As a kid with several siblings, I often woke to the smell of fresh baking, (my favorite was cinnamon buns) that my mom would prepare before work as an incentive for us to get up and get ready without a hassle in the morning. Those early experiences set the stage for me in the kitchen where I love to cook and experiment with food, and continues to this day. 

 This newest adventure was conceived with my partner Cory, who has an entrepreneurial spirit and an up and coming appreciation of good food. My experience and patience, and his on the ground support have helped to shape our venture. Mini donuts with new and enticing flavor combinations is just another step in pursuit of this dream.